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The Hairy Pot Plant Company

Perennials and herbs in coir pots

Back in 2007 we introduced the idea of higher value, eco orientated sales with our hairy coir pots. Handmade from ethically sourced natural waste materials, they produce a superior root system and reduce the use and disposal problems of plastic pots. The coir fibres used in the pot construction are a waste product of the coconut industry and they are bonded together using latex from the local rubber trees in Sri Lanka. Each pot is individually hand crafted and dried in the sun to our specifications by a hardworking band of folk in great need of the cash generated by their sale.

The open nature of the pot wall naturally air prunes the roots as they reach the pot edge encouraging fantastic root development and eliminating root curl. Once planted into moist ground the roots grow easily through the pot wall which gradually breaks down. Alternatively the pot can be easily peeled away revealing a great root system and then the pot can be composted.
Not only do they do good, they look great too, especially in combination with our reusable wooden display trays and new bespoke skewer labels. The pots themselves, being individually hand-made and relatively bulky to transport are significantly more expensive than the plastic equivalent, but the product is so distinctive and appealing that it demands a higher value.
This presentation lifts plant sales to a new level giving an extra feel good factor into an already pleasurable purchase.